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EVENT: Sidewalk Party at Mozza2Go – 2.6.10

February 3, 2010

Are you or one of your friends a member of Blackboard Eats?
Do you have a 30% off discount code for Mozza2Go?
Do you realize that code expires on Feb. 6th?

Thus, SIDEWALK PARTY! (We can’t eat in Mozza – thus the 2Go part – but we can party it up outside with our pizzas!)

Join us on Saturday, Feb. 6th outside Mozza2Go. Sitting around on the sidewalk, chatting with friends, chomping down on some damn good pizza…can you think of anything better?

– PLEASE ORDER BY PHONE BEFORE YOU SHOW UP. That way, you’re not waiting around for an hour for food.
– If you would like to attend but don’t have a code, please comment below – I’ll do my best to find you a code to share.
– Try to carpool. Knowing that area, parking will be a pain.
– It’s scheduled to rain on Saturday – Remember to bring an umbrella! (I’ll be there, rain or shine!)

See you all there!

(Btw, if you have a Blackboard Eats code you’re not using and would like to donate it to our party, please comment!)


UPDATE: So I received a message from someone from Blackboard Eats encouraging us to go to Mozza2Go but to eat elsewhere out of respect for Mozza’s neighbors (which I understand). Thus, does anyone have any suggestions on where to take this delicious food to eat?

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