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Cole’s (Los Angeles, CA) – I’m Cole’s Girl

April 16, 2010

I used to be Philippe’s girl. Sawdust on the floors, fiery horseradish mustard, double dipped French dip sandwiches – I would rant about it to my friends, and bring those who were close to visit. But that was a more simplistic time and…well…people change.

I’m Cole’s girl now.

There are so many things I love more about Cole’s than Philippe’s. It’s open until 1:30AM on the weekends, perfect for a late-night bite. The crowd at Cole’s is a little more hip, mainly because of its close proximity to other DTLA hotspots. Cole’s has, not just one bar, but TWO bars (if you include The Varnish). Lastly, Cole’s atomic pickles totally trumps Philippe’s pickles any day, especially when paired with a side of their bacon potato salad.

A spicy crunch…

A smokey bite…

THAT is the combination that I crave late at night.

As for Cole’s French dips, over time I’ve learned to like them. I definitely appreciate the side of au jus, but there are nights I long for Philippe’s sinus clearing mustard. Additionally, their sandwiches aren’t as savory – let’s just say I’ve never craved a Cole’s French dip but I’ve definitely craved a Philippe’s one. However, I find myself at Cole’s on a monthly basis (and Philippe’s?…I can’t remember my last time).

Philippe’s, our time together was sweet while it lasted.
Cole’s, I’ll see you soon.

118 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 622-4090

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