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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (Manhattan, NY) – A Salty Pimp and My Big Gay BFF

May 15, 2010

(Picture taken by Jenn)

In a city where ice cream trucks are parked every other block (I think I passed at least four on the way to the BGICT), the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is one worth finding. Although it may look like a standard ice cream truck from the outside (that is, if you ignore its colorful logo), the flavor combinations that have been known to come out of this truck are anything but standard. Using ingredients such as curry powder, wasabi pea dust, olive oil, sea salt, sriracha…This ain’t your neighborhood ice cream truck.

On this particular day, I was on the search for a choinkwich – a caramelized bacon chocolate ice cream sandwich that Jenn, the other half in my NYC fooding adventures, describes as: “fatty goodness + cold goodness + chewy goodness = heaven“. However, once I found the truck, Doug, the nice guy in the truck, said they weren’t selling them that day. (Story of my life.)

So, I reverted to Plan B: “Doug, what would you recommend to a girl from LA who has never had a big gay ice cream before?”

I got a Salty Pimp.

Again, the above may look like a standard chocolate dipped ice cream cone, with its creamy vanilla ice cream and a crispy chocolate shell, but layered between the ice cream and chocolate is are drizzles of sweet dulce de leche and sprinklings of sea salt. Once you try it, the crunch of sea salt almost becomes a natural accompaniment to the vanilla, chocolate and caramel – specifically, it enhances the flavors of both the chocolate and caramel in this sweet and savory concoction.

And, like that, with a lick of my Salty Pimp, I was sold. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is my new big gay best friend.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
New York, NY
Twitter: @biggayicecream

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4 Comments on “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (Manhattan, NY) – A Salty Pimp and My Big Gay BFF”

  • kevinEats

    How do they not have a flavor called “fudge packer?” 😉

    May 16, 2010 » 5:09 PM »

  • fel

    LOL. Who knows, they might? (I think their menu changes every so often.)

    May 16, 2010 » 6:48 PM »

  • sophia

    Classic pic with the ice-cream! lol. This truck would win the most conservative Republicans. 😉

    May 17, 2010 » 5:53 AM »

  • sarah (Catch A Cub In Its Den)

    I may have to join twitter just to get my lips around a Salty Pimp and a Choinkwich! They both sound amazing (the ingredients more so than the names, in my opinion.)

    June 3, 2010 » 3:41 PM »

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