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Good 2 Go Taco (Dallas, TX) – I Love Breakfast Tacos!

August 24, 2010

I feel like this blog is just an accumulation of things I love:
“I love my burgers medium rare.”
“I love runny eggs.”
“I love Mexican grilled corn.”
“I love sweetbreads.”
“I love Anthony Bourdain.”

(…You get the point.)

Today, it’s time to add something new to that list:

“I love breakfast tacos.”


I never even heard of breakfast tacos prior to this trip to Dallas. Breakfast burritos, yes, but not breakfast tacos. And I’ve definitely never heard of a breakfast anything like the breakfast tacos Good 2 Go Tacos have.

I hesitate to describe Good 2 Go Taco as “gourmet” because everything about it screams anything but. Location-wise, it’s currently just a couple of burners located in the back corner of the Green Spot gas station convenience store. (Note: This was their last week at the Green Spot; they’re opening a larger, dedicated location scheduled to open in October 2010.) Price-wise, it’s hole in the wall cheap at $3.50 a taco. Portion-wise, it serves pretty hearty portions; they use fajita sized flour tortillas and each one is stuffed to the brim. However, flavor-wise…it tastes like a gourmet taco.

I didn’t know this until now,but Good 2 Go Taco’s Paris, TX breakfast taco was on The Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate”. I can see why: juicy, tender hanger steak is piled into each taco, along with fluffy eggs, fresh spinach, cheese and potatoes. It’s a monster of a breakfast taco – it’s equivalent to at least half of a breakfast burrito.

(Of course, even though one taco is probably enough to fill me up, I ordered two.)

Although I liked the Paris, TX taco, I would argue that the Honey Bear is even better. Filled with chile-honey bacon, egg, spinach, and goat cheese, it’s a fantastic combination of sweet and salty. My favorite component is the the goat cheese; it melts into the warm eggs, creating this creamy, savory concoction.

Considering I originally knew nothing about breakfast tacos, Good 2 Go Taco was definitely a memorable introduction for me. Los Angeles has GOT to get in on this breakfast taco thing!

Good 2 Go Taco – MOVED
(new location information)
1146 Peavy Rd
Dallas, TX 75218
(214) 668-0831

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One Comment on “Good 2 Go Taco (Dallas, TX) – I Love Breakfast Tacos!”

  • The Good Grub

    Those sound awesome! Good stuff Felicia.

    -Jeff aka The Good Grub

    August 24, 2010 » 9:02 PM »

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