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Wafels & Dinges (Manhattan, NY) – Spekuloos. Can’t Pronounce It, But I Love It.

November 10, 2010

“Spe-loo-kos…I mean, Spew-koo-loos…Wait, how is it pronounced? Spe-keu-los?”

I may not be able to pronounce it, but I can type it: Spekuloos. Like, Wafels and Dinges’ spekuloos spread. As in, Wafels and Dinges’ spekuloos spread is AMAZING.

If you can’t tell, I’m already sort of (well, more than sort of) obsessed with this spekuloos spread. Imagine a spread with a consistency similar to peanut butter and nutella but with the flavor of – wait for it, wait for it – GINGERBREAD COOKIES. And, unlike nutella or peanut butter, the flavor isn’t overwhelmingly sweet or overpoweringly heavy. It is relatively light and I can consume as much spekuloos spread as I can gingerbread cookies (and I can eat quite a number of gingerbread cookies!).

Although the spread itself is fantastic, its awesomeness is only enhanced by the vessel it is served on. In this case, this vessel happens to be a waffle. Actually, to be perfectly accurate, it is a freshly made liege waffle with crystals of pearl sugar in it. So when I’m talking about spekuloos spread, I’m really talking about a hot liege waffle smeared with spekuloos spread, given a generous dash of powdered sugar and maybe a burst or two of whipped cream.

…If hot waffles and spekuloos spread still hasn’t made you somewhat interested then, well, I got nothing else. However, if it has, then go find the Wafels and Dinges truck! And say hi to the guys in there too!

(Yes, it’s a Belgian themed truck and guess what? They’re actually Belgian!)

Wafels & Dinges Truck
New York, NY
Twitter: @waffletruck

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Wafels and Dinges in New York on Fooddigger

One Comment on “Wafels & Dinges (Manhattan, NY) – Spekuloos. Can’t Pronounce It, But I Love It.”

  • Lisa

    When I was in Belgium, one of my faaaavorite snacks was speculoos cookies (especially the Lotus brand). So addictive. Anyway, if you can find them in NYC (I’ve found some in Taiwan!), you should totally get them. 🙂

    November 11, 2010 » 12:31 AM »

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