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Neptune Oyster (Boston, MA) – Yes, Still More Lobster Rolls

February 15, 2011

(Is she done talking about lobster rolls yet? Nope, not yet…)

Now that we’ve covered NYC lobster rolls (at least, for the moment), let’s talk Boston lobster rolls. As I mentioned in a previous post, lobster rolls are really a New England thing and New York, albeit close in distance, is just not quite close enough.

NYC’s lobster rolls got nothin’ on Boston’s.

When looking up restaurants for my weekend trip to Boston with my favorite “sister” Jenn, Neptune Oyster in the North End was the one place everyone seemed to agree on. The wait was supposed to be long (some reviews quoted wait times in hours), but the food was supposed to be worth it. In particular, I was told to order at least one of the three following things:

  1. Anything from their raw bar
  2. Their clam chowder
  3. Their lobster roll

(Of course, we ordered all three.)


We got lucky on the wait – we arrived about half an hour after they opened and immediately snagged two seats at their counter. If we had arrived 15-20 minutes longer, there would have been a crowd waiting at the door and people meandering in and out, putting their names on an ever-growing list. The place is small so keep that in mind if you ever show up yourself.

(My favorite – the kumamoto)

We started off our meal with two oysters apiece – one kumamoto and one kusshi. I slurped the clean and briny kusshi first and the sweet and creamy kumamoto second. (I just recently discovered my love for kumamotos and wanted to savor that flavor as long as I could.) A perfect start!

The clam chowder was served next. Little cubes of potato and celery floated around in the thin soup  and plump clams rested at the bottom of the shallow bowl. I wish the soup base was a tad thicker (for heartiness sake) but the clams were fantastically fresh.

(Butter is better!)

Lastly – the pièce de résistance – the lobster rolls. Like some of the other lobster roll places I’ve been to, we were given the option of a cold roll with mayo or hot roll with butter. We ordered one of each and split the two plates between the two of us. (Note to self: I need to stop ordering the cold mayo rolls; I like the hot buttery ones exponentially better! Why do I insist on tasting the mayo ones!?)

These were some of the largest lobster rolls I had ever seen. I was full after half and, after two halves, thought I was OD’ing on lobster. (I never thought you could OD on lobster, but I came close!) Like all the other seafood we had at Neptune Oyster, the lobster was fresh, sweet and meaty and the warm roll sopped up all the dripping juices, making it a delicious buttery sponge of goodness. Definitely the best lobster roll I’ve had in life thus far.


Okay, now that I’ve had lobster rolls in NYC and Boston, the next stop is Maine…

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 742-3474

Neptune Oyster on Urbanspoon

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    Neptune Oyster RULEZ!!! BUTTA is BETTA!

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