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World of Coca-Cola (Atlanta, GA) – Just A Kid In A Soda Shop

March 7, 2011

During last summer’s fateful Atlanta training session, the firm booked our conference rooms in a hotel down the street from the World of Coca-Cola. For those who have never been, the World of Coca-Cola is essentially a museum; it has exhibits filled with Coca-Cola memorabilia, shows and galleries with Coca-Cola characters in them and, most importantly, it has a tasting room where you can taste every single international and domestic beverage produced by the Coca-Cola Company.

(It’s a happy land, filled with sugar, caffeine and carbonation!)

Due to scheduling constraints (training and dinner reservations and all), I only had half an hour to go through the entire World of Coca-Cola. And, after taking the mandatory intro tour and quick 3D World Cup movie into consideration, I essentially had half of that time in the glorious Coca-Cola tasting room.

Now I if I had all the time in the world, I would have gone into that room, slowly sipped every soda, then created mental notes about the flavors in each beverage…but given that I only had 15 minutes left at that point, I just ran around like a kid in a soda shop and pounded sample after sample.  All 45+ of them. (I was on a sugar high after that one, for sure.) I did take pictures of all the labels (cause I’m a dedicated food blogger like that!) but, honestly, I really have no idea what most of them taste like. No idea EXCEPT for one:

(Avoid drinking Beverly at all costs!)

Side tangent: During the introductory tour, you watch this short animated film where one of the characters mentions something about looking like we had just tasted Beverly. I didn’t get the reference at the time but once I took a swig of this stuff, I understood – without a doubt, Beverly is the most foul soda on the planet. Absolutely and utterly disgusting. I can’t tell you what flavors are combined in order to generate Beverly but whatever it is, Italy can keep it.

(Unfortunately, this post is going to end really abruptly as I can’t tell you anything else about the World of Coca-Cola…but I had fun! Does that count for something?)

World of Coca Cola
121 Baker St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 676-5151
Twitter: @WorldofCocaCola


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