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Sportello (Boston, MA) – A Lucky Find

April 8, 2011

Usually when I go to a new city on vacation, I heavily scout restaurants out before hand and make reservations long before I arrive. However for this past Boston trip, with the exception of Neptune Oyster (which was the only “must-go” on our list), Jenn and I winged the entire thing.

Sportello was one of these impromptu dining choices and it paid off, big time. The restaurant is primarily counter-seating, with its long marble counter zigzagging through most of the space and an open kitchen behind that. This is a place where you can either dress up or down – your choice – and still feel perfectly at ease and comfortable wearing whatever you decide. Walking in, I already had a feeling that this was going to be a fun meal.

As usual, the meal began with bread; however, a little dish of ricotta cheese, figs and olive oil was provided instead of butter. (It’s hard not to fill yourself up on bread when you’re provided with a creamy, sweet start like that – I think we went through at least two of them.)

The warm octopus salad was fantastic as well – tender octopus, sweet roasted peppers and fingerling potatoes linked in a light dressing.

The gnocchi in my main course were light and fluffy but were tossed in a creamy, rich sauce with peas and mushrooms. Although tasty, the serving was rather large given the heaviness of the sauce – this is a dish best shared with another.

We finished our meal with an affogato. Essentially a chilled sabayon (which had the consistency of semi-melted soft-serve) topped with two shots of espresso, it was the perfect pick-me-up after my heavy entrée.

With it’s casual yet classy atmosphere and fantastic food, Sportello was definitely a lucky find!

348 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 737-1234

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