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M. Wells (Queens, NY) – Brunch Food of My Dreams

March 16, 2011

So let’s talk about brunch. Brunch is a big deal in NYC. Like, a big effing deal. Crowds congregating outside, lines out the door…Seriously, you don’t mess with brunch.

M. Wells doesn’t mess with brunch. Although they now serve dinner, there was once a time when this little diner in Long Island City only served food from 10AM-4PM. Basically, it served brunch. But brunch food here isn’t your typical eggs and toast or pancakes and maple syrup. Oh no, with a chef formerly from Au Pied de Cochon, a restaurant in Quebec known for its liberal use of foie gras, this is the brunch food of my dreams.


Upon ordering, the originally indifferent waitress gave us a little smile. “I love the way you eat!” (Btw, I love the way I eat too.)  What did we order? Well…

We started brunch with bone marrow with escargot…

Plump escargot on the bottom, fatty marrow on the top. Give me this instead of butter and toast any morning.

Followed that with a plate of frog legs in a garlic cream sauce…

The crispy frog legs were fantastic, but the garlic cream sauce was the deal sealer. Don’t let them take away your plate unless you’re positive you’re not going to want any more – they took ours away early in the meal (granted, the frog legs were all gone) but we eyed every subsequent plate of cream sauce with longing faces.

Then moved onto the beef tartare…

It’s like steak and eggs! Only not.

And ended brunch with the daily special: a blood sausage hash with braised leeks.

Deliciously offal, the blood sausage was luxuriously smooth and had none of that graininess that I’ve experienced with other blood sausages. The braised leeks and apples in the hash were a sweet compliment.


Like I said before, brunch is serious business in New York, and M. Wells is serious about brunch. (Now to go back to see if it’s as serious about dinner…)

M. Wells – CLOSED
21-17 49th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 425-6917

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