Exploring Pass Pass’s Range Of Flavours To Elevate Your Snacking Experience


Pass Pass marked DS Group’s definitive entry into the mouth freshener class. Pass Pass represents a fusion of modernity with the age-old Indian practice of ‘mukhwaas’ and was launched in 1999. This tradition, deeply rooted in Indian culture and passed down through generations, consists of a blend of cardamom seeds, fennel, sugar-coated balls, mishri, and more, traditionally sold loose, with each state having its unique variation.

Drawing upon its expertise in comprehending the Indian palate, DS Group capitalised on its strengths in fragrances, flavours, and blending techniques to create a brand that encapsulates the essence of this tradition in a contemporary format, ensuring consistency and quality in taste. Pass Pass embodies the spirit of togetherness, inviting individuals to share its refreshing flavours and taste with their loved ones.

Packaged in suitable zipper pouches and sachets upon its introduction, Pass Pass aimed to make its fresh flavours accessible to all. The introduction of sleek, fun, and convenient flip-top packaging in 2000 propelled Pass Pass to new heights of familiarity and popularity.

Over time, the packaging has evolved further, reflecting the brand’s commitment to staying relevant and appealing to consumers. With its “raho hamesha pass pass, philosophy”, Pass Pass has become synonymous with inclusivity and rejuvenation, acting as a magnet for people from all walks of life.

However, it’s not just the brand’s philosophy that grabs attention; it’s also the mouth freshener’s refreshing taste that people love and enjoy. Pass Pass offers a various range of 4 distinctive flavours: Meetha Magic, Frutti Bits, Mint, and Katha, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste preference.

Pass Pass Meetha Magic

This flavour boasts an exceptional recipe meticulously curated with a fine selection of ingredients. At its core, this mouthwatering blend showcases a harmonious fusion of flavours, marrying the sweetness of sugar, the aromatic essence of fennel, and the lusciousness of dates. Complemented by vibrant sugar balls and sugar-coated coloured fennel, it offers a delightful crunch and a burst of colours, elevating the taste experience to new heights.

Pass Pass Mint

This flavour is carefully crafted with handpicked ingredients. Sugar provides a delicate sweetness, while fennel adds aroma. Dates contribute richness, coconut adds a tropical twist, and melon seeds offer crunch. Coriander seeds bring an earthy essence, and cardamom seeds add warmth, creating a minty masterpiece.

Pass Pass Frutti Bits

This flavour blends sugar’s sweetness with fennel’s aroma. Glazed fruit adds chewiness, while dates bring succulence. It’s a playful treat decorated with sugar-coated fennel and vibrant sugar balls. Delicate rose flowers are floral, and silver leaf-coated cardamom provides exotic spice.

Pass Pass Katha

This favour combines premium ingredients with luscious dates. Sugar-boiled confectionery adds texture and sweetness, while fennel provides a refreshing touch. Catechu leaves offer a unique earthy flavour, complemented by melon seeds’ delightful crunch. Lime adds tanginess, and cardamom seeds provide aromatic spice.

Pass Pass Dining Table Pack

Discover the joy of the Dining Table Pack, a delightful fusion crafted to invigorate your palate post-meal. Perfect for enhancing your dining experience with loved ones, it comes in vibrant packaging and features the virtue of natural ingredients. Explore our exciting flavours – Sweet Magic Mix, Frutti Mix, Minty Mix, and Saunf Delight Mix – and celebrate togetherness with the full range of Pass Pass.

Final Word

Pass Pass, the mouth freshener renowned for its irresistible taste and fragrance sparks lively conversations wherever you go. From its inception, Pass Pass has been dedicated to fostering the joy of togetherness. Through its exquisite blend of ingredients and flavours, this brand promotes unity. It has ingrained itself as a vital aspect of countless Indian households, emerging as their preferred natural mouth freshener. Beyond its function as a revitalising palate cleanser, Pass Pass embodies a sense of unity that transcends generational divides.

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