How does Gas Geyser work?


A gas geyseris a water heater that uses gas to heat the water using a hot water tank system. There is instant hot water that flows continually. The gas geyser has the efficiency to conserve heat and it canlast for a long duration. The storage tank is used to supply gas and heat the water. Toretain the heat of the stored water, the gas burner will turn on automatically whenever necessary. There are adjustable thermostats that set the water temperature in many gas geysers. It is slightly on the higher side when it comes to the pricing, they are more expensive than the electric hot water system. But, in the long run, gas geysers are much cheaper. They come in the size of 10 ltr and more. They also have certain units with a special fuel system where the gas is being recirculated and the heat that is being transmitted into the waterwill enhance the efficiency. Do check out this article: popcorn machine reviews to know more

The benefits of using a Gas Geyser

  • Gas geysers work faster than electric geysers. To heat a 100ltr water tank, an electric heater will take around an hour, whereas the gas geyser can heat twice that amount of water using the same time duration. A larger family can opt for a gas geyser as it is time-saving and quick in heating the water.
  • The operational cost of Gas geysers iscost-effective. With the hike in the price of electricity, gas geysers are becoming more popular. Gas is also cheaper than electricity in many parts of the world. Hence, the gas geysers have low operational costs. Even though the initial cost of installation is high, gas geysers turn out to be more economical and inexpensive in the long run.
  • Gas geysers operate without electricity. Even if there are power cuts, the hot water supply will be unaffected.
  • Gas geysers are energy efficient as gas burns hot and little heat is consumed. The instantaneous gas geyser heats water as required, so there is no loss from the storage tank.
  • Gas geysers are also eco-friendly. The emissions released to the environment from the gas in hot water burns are clean that does not cause harmful damage to the environment. Hence, itcauses less air pollution and it is eco-friendly.

How does Gas geyser work?

  • The gas geyser has a very simple way of operating technology. When you open the hot water tap in a tankless gas water heater, a sensor will detect the flow of the water.
  • There is a heat exchanger which has a water pipe, it also has a gas burner below the heat exchanger. The water moves through the pipeline and it will pass through the heat exchanger.
  • The gas burner will kindle with an electric impulse that isassembledusing the inbuilt batteries.
  • When the gas burner fires get heated up by the flames, the water gets heated.
  • The heated up water gets stored until it is being used. The hot water is drawn from the top and at the bottom cold water gets replaced.
  • The hot water is ready to use, it’s the water that comes out from the hot water outlet. You can enjoy the hot running water when the tap is on and the water stops immediately when the tap is switched off.
  • When the temperature of the water drops below a certain degree of the thermostat set point, the water starts to get heated up until the temperature returns back to the thermostat set point.

How does an Instant Gas Geyser work?

  • Whenever you turn on the hot water tap, a flow sensorthat is connected to the ECU detects the flow of the water through the water heater,and the heating process for the water will begin.
  • A slow leaking tap is not sufficient for the working of the gas geysers.
  • There isa combustion fan in certain instantaneous gas geyser systems that pulls the air for the combustion process.
  • The gas starts to flow and it accelerates the igniter with the ECU. Until the flame sensor detects the flame, the igniter will keep on sparkling.
  • If the water heater does notglow within few seconds, ECU will shut down the flow of the gas to avoid any danger or to stop the unsafe accumulationof gas.

Safety measures for water heaters

The water heaters are safe to use if you carefully follow the safety precautions. Certain safety measures are given below:

  • Do not install the geyser in a closed space, there should be enough ventilation.
  • Never keep it near inflatables, corrosives, or explosives.
  • There should not be any electric wiring near the water heater.
  • The connecting pipes must be anti-corrosive, leakproof, and clean.
  • Do not leave the gas water heater tap on for a longer duration.

Buying tips for Gas geyser

  • The Bureau of Indian standards or BIS has provided certain safety performance standards for gas geysers. Whenever you buy the gas water heater look for the ISI mark.
  • Never purchase any unbranded gas geysers.
  • Make room for installing the water heater. There should be plenty of good space along with ventilation.
  • Go for a good brand like Compton Greaves, Venus, Kenstar, Racold, and Bajaj.


The small water heater is best to reduce the electricity consumption. But,a smaller water heater does not provide enough hot water on time or for a longer period. So, it is the best option to go for gas geysers since it hasboth cost and energyefficiency, it is eco-friendly,and it works faster. Hope this article has guided you to choose thebest gas geyserthat comes with the best brand and also to get familiar with how a Gas geyser works.

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