How To Make Homemade Ice Cream In A Nonstick Tawa


Tawa ice cream is also known as ice cream rolls or fried ice cream! These ice creams are popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat! The demand for this dessert is increasing day by day! You cannot go to the shop to get the Tawa ice cream but they can definitely make it at home with the help of few ingredients!

The full procedure is dependent on the quality of ingredients and the Tawa base. Without wasting time let’s get started!


  • 1-liter milk
  • 2 tbs sugar
  • Chocolate syrup or desired flavor (You can also make use of dessert sauce by mixing it with Ice cream base)
  • Crushed dry fruits such as cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins
  • Vanilla essence
  • Flavor type- KitKat, oreo, etc

Real Procedure-

In the tawa machine, there is a tawa fitted into a machine. Low temperature is supplied to tawa to make the ingredients put on it to freeze. But getting the machine at home is not easy and you may not be able to use it!

Making tawa ice cream at home-

Nonstick tawa which you use for making roti or parathas will be used in making tawa ice cream at home!

Procedure for homemade tawa ice cream-

  1. Take 1-liter milk and add sugar and reduce it until you get thick condensed milk.Also, you can use ready-made condensed milk brought from the market.
  2. Add condensed milk to the roti tawa
  3. To the condensed milk add chocolate syrup, dry fruits vanilla essence, and KitKat or Oreo.
  4. Now crush all the ingredients until it mixes and get finely distributed in the mixture!
  5. The next step is to spread the ice-cream over the Tawa equally.
  6. Let the Tawa refrigerate in the freezer overnight.

It is important to note that, your ice cream base should be thin! Not very thin but thin enough to get a sheet of ice creams when you roll! Once, the ice cream is cool and froze properly, make use of a spatula and sharp thing for rolling! You can cut the sections and slide the spatula under sheets to get it rolling!

Following the above procedure, you can make oreo flavored Tawa ice cream, or kit kat flavored ice-cream. Also, you can make strawberry or kulfi flavored tawa ice cream at home!

It is not an instant recipe but if you prepare the icecreams at night and keep it in roti tawa in the refrigerator! Then in the morning, you can easily enjoy the ice cream with your family, friends or guests. Or you can make it in the morning and eat it at night while watching movie or playing video games!

They will surely love the homemade tawa ice cream! You don’t have to leave your comfort zone and get to eat delicious Tawa ice cream!

Vinod CookWare has the best quality nonstick Tawa! It is very durable and long-lasting as well as easy to clean! You can make lots of things on this tawa apart from roti, or parathas. You can make dosa or omlete, uthappam and much Moreover!



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