A Guide on How to Pick the Right Bar for a Fun Night



Bars are the ultimate hub for party lovers. And, it’s not just any bar that we’re going to be talking about in this guide. Here, we will make a mention of the features that only a few stunning and scenic bars in Montreal like the Riverside bar & resto offer. 

So, whether you’re visiting the city or live here, this guide can be your personal key to learn anew about the features that a good bar boasts and the ones you should be looking at. 

So, then, what’s the Deal with The Choice? 

That’s a very good question indeed. After all, all that a bar’s got to do is to serve the beer. Isn’t it? Well, ask anyone around and you’ll know that the answer is a big fat, no. No! It’s not enough. There are more matters that will make or break your experience. And, the list below is a compilation of what you shouldn’t compromise with when picking up a bar for partying. 

  1. And, It always Come Down to the Location first 

Yes, the bar shouldn’t be located remotely, and yes, it should be well connected with roads – to and fro. But, other than that, a riverside view is going to be a bonus, isn’t it? Which is why the Riverside bar & resto is one of the best bars to visit in Montreal. It offers a breathtaking view with the breeze flowing right on your face. 

  1. Affordability Shouldn’t be An Issue

Elite and upscale bars host a decent crowd and that’s true. But, that doesn’t mean all of them are affordable like the Riverside bar is. 

This one, alongside being upscale and elite, does take care of people with a limited budget. 

How so? 

Well, they serve cheap beer as well alongside their vast section of liquor cabinet that ranges from imported whiskeys and wines to freshly brewed beers and so on. So, pick what you can afford and let the party begin! 

  1. Time has Wings when the Place is Right

Whilst many places will actually close at about 11 in Montreal, some others – only some selective pubs and bars – will remain open as long as 2 to 3 in the morning. And, if the music is right, time will actually have wings and you wouldn’t know how it passed.

  1. Hospitality is Unparalleled

A staff that knows how to cater to guests and handle the rogue ones is best to run a bar properly. So, do not forget to check how customers have rated the bar you’re planning to visit. 

On a parting note, if you pick a restaurant like the Riverside bar & resto, you’ll end up happy at the end since this one can also host private parties for a small group upon request. 

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