3 Tips to Help Your Restaurant Make More Money


In 2021, restaurateur is probably wondering how he or she can make more money with the pandemic, putting such hard restrictions on their business. If he or she follows these tips, it should be possible to make more money.

One of the ways that a restaurant could make more money is by streamlining the order process. This process could be streamlined by using electronic ordering. You should have a system that places orders easily and sends them electronically by e-mail or EDI for reliable delivery of the order. You should have a network of distributors and suppliers that you can EDI with. Your process system should be to get smart purchasing recommendations that come from custom stock per level and past sales from each branch of your restaurant. It should be able to give product lead times for each vendor that you have. It should be able to make automatic orders to make smart purchases when your stock starts to get low. The managers should be able to make and approve orders and invoices from a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone.

Another tip is to reduce the time that you spend managing orders. At your restaurant, you should be able to match the invoices from suppliers to orders and post these invoices in your accounting system for timeliness and accuracy. You should be able to electronically integrate with your vendors the latest price-lists and pack sizes. This should reduce any date errors that are made. When a stock count is made, it should be automatically reconciled with an order. If you give vendor discounts, they should be able to be applied right away for on-time payments and order quantities.

Another tip that should help make a restaurant more money is reducing food waste. You can reduce food waste by putting restrictions on orders. You should only order ingredients for food on the menu. This should eliminate accidental orders and make sure that the managers at your restaurant buy what is needed for the restaurant. At your restaurant, you should have a built-in approval system. This system should set thresholds and require approval for orders and items that don’t go beyond a certain amount. You should be able to check the temperatures for each of the products at your restaurant. You should be able to use Bluetooth thermometers that can verify that items are delivered at the right temperature. Pizza restaurants for sale in Florida are in high demand due to the state’s thriving restaurant industry.

A platform that could help you help with your restaurant problems is Synergy Suite. The aim of this program is to help you take care of what is happening in the back of the house, so you can concentrate on other things. The people who built Synergy Suite are familiar with all the challenges that you encounter as a restaurant owner or manager. They know the problems that you can have with restaurant purchasing, personnel, and inventory. They have been there and they have put that experience into this platform.

Synergy Suite has been programmed with the insight and the tools that you need to make your restaurant more efficient. It is very user-friendly. You don’t need to be computer programmers or engineers to understand it. This platform is totally mobile as you can use it on your mobile phone and a tablet.

Synergy Suite was created for the restaurateur and it should be able to fulfill all your needs at your restaurant.

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