Extra virgin olive oil helps in stopping the treatment for blood pressure


Many health issues are prevailing throughout the world but the blood pressure issue is the most common throughout the whole world. Numerous people are striving for finding out the solution to getting rid of blood pressure disease. 

Here, in this article we are going to tell you the ultimate solution of resolving the blood pressure health issue and many others. But now, we are specifically going to talk about treating blood pressure with olive oil. 

The most important thing is this article is the discussion about the daily use of olive oil. The daily use of olive oil will reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. 

The recommended quantity of olive oil

Now, we will discuss the recommended quantity of olive oil that you should take for curing blood pressure disease. Quantity should be only in tablespoons or in teaspoons. For an aged person, taking 1 tablespoon olive oil is a good quantity. 

On the other hand, 1teaspoon oil is enough for an adult or for a young person. Both these quantities are good for the people of two different categories. 

1 tablespoon olive oil contains the following things

  • You will find 17% of the protein in it
  • 57% of carbohydrates
  • 35 grams of fiber
  • You will get 36% of the total fats
  • It will also provide you 5.8% of monounsaturated fats

For the purpose of controlling blood pressure, extra virgin olive oil is recommended here for you to take. After reading this article, you will know, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil is how much health dose for you. 

It will protect you from several diseases but this quantity is recommended for you to take to prevent the blood pressure. Besides drinking 1 tablespoon of olive oil, you can take it by using it in food and salads. In this way, you will also get your purpose. 


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