Four Ways You Can Dress Up The Plain Baked Potato 


A plain baked potato might not be so appealing than having creams dripping on every side of the potato, yummily garnished with vegetables, bacon, and shrimps, etc. Enjoy your baked potato with its missing rib. An X-factor delivery is what you get when you find your missing rib. Design your potato with the following ;

Shrimp stuffed potatoes: 

This is an exceptional foodie missing rib, tastes heavenly. Everything goes well with shrimps but it’s a banger combined with potatoes. What a wonderful sight to see. Stuff your potatoes with seasoned seafood to taste.  You can choose to twice bake your shrimps or fill in after baking to enjoy. Your choice, your satisfaction. 

Veggies filled baked potatoes: 

Let me take you out on veg. baked potato dinner with an extra fill of cheese. So yummylicious. Vegetables are God’s gift to man. Low in calories and fat; weight losers, here is your deal. Serves as a B. P check. You can make a vegetable salad as a tag-along instead of a topping. Bash it up with salad cream or cheese (refreshing) and savour. 

Buffalo chicken: 

Marinate chicken properly, then grill. Chop into desirable sizes and soak in a buffalo sauce. Top up with cream cheese for a better output. Tastes the unique with well-sliced buffalo chicken specially garnished. 

Herbs and seeds: 

Sounds strange? Yes, but tastes bagelly. Highly medicinal offers more health advantages than you can bargain for. Blend in the poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic and ginger powder, dried minced onion, and salt to taste. Cream cheese to go down with; so divine. Season with chives for pleasure and savour the good deeds of your hands. 

Hands beat down dressed baked potatoes is your destination following the aforementioned but there are more other combinations to try out like the pepperoni filled potatoes, green bean casserole, samosa stuffed potatoes, etc. Creativity is all you need, make your baked potatoes story unique and exquisite. The last time I baked potatoes, I fried lettuce with bacon, eggs, green peas, and some carrots. Supplemented with steamed broccoli and mushrooms, all mixed with cream cheese and butter and a cup of coffee to go down with. OMG! Like heaven on earth. Breathtaking, I must say. A meal like no other, hindsight of attraction. Please the eye, capture the mind is the anthem. 


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