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Note that pod systems are less expensive to use than those with capsules (aluminum or plastic). On average, it takes around 30 cents per cup for Nespresso capsules, 15 cents for soft pods and 7 to 13 cents for automatic. Indeed, with the capsules, the customer becomes captive of the brand, the devices operating exclusively with the capsules sold by the brand. Soft pods are however standardized. There are even private label brands that are even cheaper. Additional disadvantage to take into account: the Nespresso brand capsules and those A makers are sold only by mail (and in the few Nespresso stores for the first).Before falling for these machines, check that you can get your supplies easily. In this case you can opt for the philips coffee maker now.

Which Water To Use?

If the investment made is significant at the time of purchase and you expect very good quality coffee, use filtered water. Indeed, the quality of water plays on that of coffee. There are also models incorporating a filter that automatically perform the operation. Useful for those who regularly consume coffee.

The Interview

Finally, pay attention to the maintenance of your appliance, especially the cleaning and descaling operations. Namely, moreover: most brands exclude the guarantee if these operations have not been carried out regularly and correctly.

It is recommended to clean the filters and filter holders every 1 or 2 months depending on the brand (see its instructions). For descaling, the frequency varies according to the manufacturers: from 1 to 6 months depending on the brands and the level of consumption. Follow the explanations specific to each device carefully. Indeed, some accept vinegar, but others prohibit it. In this case, you must use a specific product sold by the brand (count 4 to 5 euros per kit). For some devices, the filter cartridge must be removed before descaling.

  • Let’s talk a bit about the maintenance and cleaning of your filter coffee maker. To always have a coffee rich in flavor each time you use your filter coffee maker, you must be able to maintain it properly. The key elements that should always be cleaned are the pourer and the filter basket.
  • You can clean everything by hand with soapy water. And if your device is removable, maintenance becomes twice as easy and quick as the accessories will be dishwasher-safe. To descale your machine, use alcohol vinegar mixed with clear water to make it clean.
  • Here is a simple dosage: mix 1/5 of the alcohol vinegar due to 4/5 of water. Half of this mixture will be used for the first round of the operation and the other half for the end. You must turn the device on and let the mixture sit inside the tank for 15 min. after the two operations, rinse your machine with clean water.

Choosing a filter coffee maker? : Our conclusion

Although it is true that many are interested in new types of coffee maker, otherwise a pod coffee maker, capsule, with grinder and more, it must still be admitted that the filter coffee maker is still the best selling coffee maker.

Despite the prejudices, the filter coffee maker is however the most widespread in homes. Capable of delivering quality cup results, it is a bit difficult to choose a filter coffee maker from the many coffee machines found on the home appliance market.

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