Smart Use of the Cream Chargers


The cream charger, or culinary creamer, is a popular kitchen accessory that can be found in a variety of stores. However, many do not fully understand its capabilities or even do not even know why such a device is needed, because in any supermarket you can buy a can of ready-made whipped cream and not waste time manipulating a special device.

First of all, the use of a charger is beneficial. Comparing the prices of the finished product in the store and the cream itself, you can easily see this. Secondly, you will always know what is in your product. You can prepare a healthy treat without harmful additives and questionable ingredients. Creamy mousse is a beautiful and tasty addition that turns drinks and meals into real culinary masterpieces. But that’s not all. Now that you can easily purchase cream charger bulbs on sites like in the best format.

What is a Culinary Cremer?

The charger for cream consists of a container in the form of a thermos, a silicone tube, a threaded cap and a dispenser, an outlet for a replaceable gas bottle. The containers can be of different volume, which ranges from 0.25-1 liters. The device body can be made of:

  • plastic
  • aluminum
  • of stainless steel

Inexpensive household models are made of plastic, and the best professional accessories are made of stainless steel. Professional models often have additional functions. For example, devices with vacuum insulation can maintain a given temperature for 6 hours or more, they are used by culinary artisans on the road. And for the dispenser itself, there are various nozzles (included or purchased separately), which allow you to get a finished product of different shapes. The nozzles work in a similar way to the nozzles of a pastry syringe.

What can you use a cream charger for?

The culinary creamer saturates liquids and foods with gases, which makes them airy, with a pleasant carbonated texture. In addition to cream, you can cook many other interesting products in such a device. For example, many restaurants serve carbonated grapes with fish and seafood. Also, the charger is an indispensable tool in the preparation of molecular cuisine, both sweet and not sweet (aerated soups, baked foams). With it, you can make soda or any other drink, cream for dessert, decorative mousse for main courses, and even quickly marinate meat.

How to use the charger correctly?

To get the result, the charger must be filled with a gas cartridge. Cylinders are sold in packs of different quantities (most often 10 pcs), they are easy to find in specialized stores. The volume of the balloon is usually 8 grams. For small chargers, one cylinder is enough, for large ones by 1 liter – you need to use two. It also depends on the amount of gas how dense the texture you get at the exit. Also note that the cans can be filled with carbon dioxide or nitric oxide. The first ones are used for making carbonated drinks, the second ones – for making foam or marinating products.

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