We are asking how to bake a potato but little do we know that there are other ways to preparing potatoes like the scalloped potatoes. Scalloped potatoes, when all around made, are one of life’s incredible delights. Ooey gooey messy and rich, appetizing and fulfilling, they are a wondrous thing. They are not hard to make, sufficiently simple to put together on a weeknight or make ahead. Soothing and moderate enough for any day’s delight yet at the same time extravagant enough to serve at exceptional events. In any case, simply doesn’t mean secure, and there are a few traps to scalloped potatoes that can result in something contrary to delight. Well, after going through the rigorous training on how to bake a potato, also remember that the training is not a waste as you would still need to know some of the basic techniques to help you while preparing scalloped potatoes.  

Here are techniques to follow on how to bake a potato and in this case, scalloped potatoes

There are a few likely guilty parties concerning why your sauce may be watery. One, it very well maybe your decision of potato. If you utilized a pre-prepared potato from the cooler area as opposed to cutting your own, they can have additives that make them a bit watery. On the off chance that you put away your potatoes in water to forestall staining, make certain to deplete them well and wipe them off before adding to your dish. A portion of the waxier potatoes can deliver more water than starchier ones, so search for great preparing potatoes like russets or Yukon golds. 

While the potatoes do assist with thickening the sauce, note that the consistency isn’t just about as thick as a normal white sauce or cheddar sauce. It’s a bit more slender, so when you serve the cooked scalloped potatoes, you’ll need to spoon up the sauce and pour it over every individual piece. 

Cut them as consistently as could be expected. The main tip to remember when cutting is to make your potato pieces overall a similar size. If you own a mandoline slicer, this is an ideal opportunity to enroll in its assistance. It won’t just allow you to cut very daintily (1/8 inch) pieces, yet it will make uniform so they all cook in precisely the same measure of time. On the off chance that you don’t claim a mandoline, relax—simply ensure your blade is sharp and attempt to be just about as accurate as could be expected. 

Try not to be excessively terrified of over-preparing. The objective is to cook your dish until jabbing a potato with a blade makes it nearly self-destruct. The cheddar on top ought to be wildly gurgling, as well. On the off chance that your potatoes are simply cooked until they’re delicate, you probably won’t have heated them adequately long. 

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