Andrea Mascia: Crafting Culinary Marvels at Harry’s Bar, London


The journey of Andrea Mascia, a pastry virtuoso, began in the distinguished Pasticceria Marigliano in Ottaviano, Italy. Starting as a Commis Pastry Chef, he ascended to the role of Sous Chef, spending a decade crafting delicacies that laid the groundwork for an extraordinary career.

His international foray commenced at Quattro Passi in London, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant, where Andrea made a significant mark as a Pastry Chef. His innovative approach to pastry garnered recognition, paving the way for notable roles in some of London’s most prestigious culinary establishments.

From QP London, Caffe Caldesi to Bocconcino Restaurant, Andrea brought his expertise to various renowned destinations, leaving an indelible mark on London’s vibrant culinary scene. Today, he serves as the esteemed Pastry Chef at the prestigious Harry’s Bar in London.

Signature Creations that Enchant the Palate

Andrea Mascia showcases his culinary prowess through a symphony of flavors, presenting four signature creations that embody his expertise and creativity:

Coconut Semifreddo with White Chocolate Feuilletine, Lime Coulis, and Apricot Flamb√©: A harmonious blend of coconut’s creamy richness, the crunch of white chocolate feuilletine, zesty lime coulis, and the flamboyance of apricot create a dessert that delights the senses.

Milk Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Insert, Chocolate Sponge Base, and Mango Glaze: Layers of indulgence unfold with the velvety milk chocolate mousse, a burst of raspberry, a chocolate sponge base, all enrobed in a luscious mango glaze.

Vanilla Bavarois with Mango Coulis, Berry Sorbet, and French Meringue: A symphony of vanilla and mango unfolds, accompanied by the refreshing notes of berry sorbet, all crowned with the delicate touch of French meringue.
Flourless Sponge Cake Base, Pink Pepper, and Dark Chocolate Mousse:

Andrea’s mastery shines through in this creation, where the flourless sponge cake base meets the warmth of pink pepper and the richness of dark chocolate mousse.

Now at Harry’s Bar, known for its “High Urban” Italian cuisine, Andrea Mascia continues to weave culinary magic, enchanting the patrons with his innovative and delectable creations. In the realm of pastry, his artistry knows no bounds, and each dessert becomes a testament to his dedication to excellence.

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