Can You Have An All Dessert Wedding Menu?


Accept it or not, but the most important thing for guests at a wedding is the food. And everyone loves the delicious wedding desserts on the menu. If yours is a summer wedding, your guests will be craving ice cream and Rasmalai counters. Pleasantly surprise her by being creative with fresh and tasty treats that are sure to impress her. The key is to keep an eye on the weather and experiment a little while keeping the most popular options. For a balanced dessert menu. Here is a list of useful ideas that are definitely worth trying out and adding to menu card template this season! 

A great summer wedding menu has a little bit of everything – old favorites and new trends! Group your guests and their preferences. They want to do justice to everyone, including children and health-conscious guests. So choose from a variety of wedding desserts to leave them spoiled for choice.

If you’re in the mood, opt for a quirky flavor like paan ice cream for bonus points and lots of appreciation from all wedding guests. Consider your budget and flexibility when choosing 

An absolute favorite 

You can’t go wrong with a generous helping of chocolate ice cream in other popular flavors like mango and vanilla. Kulfis are always a good idea! You can customize them based on a plethora of colors to keep things exciting and fresh. Some recommended options are pista, malai, almond, paan, fig, and more. Ice is a crowd. Darling and guaranteed to please everyone at your summer sample wedding programs

Delicious frozen dessert cups

Why not offer your guests a wide range of irresistible dessert cups? They look absolutely gorgeous as part of your wedding menu and can come in a variety of flavors and palettes, including sugar-free versions. Some of the most popular are mango yogurt with macadamia crumbs, lemon frozen cheesecake, strawberry sorbet, and more. Incorporating different flavors and options into your wedding dessert menu is sure to have something for every guest!

creamy milkshakes

For your picky guests who are just looking for a cold treat, set up a colorful shake truck. The possibilities here are endless and you can add many different flavors as well as add-ons. Suggested options include cookies and cream, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, mango, banana, and peanut butter. 

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