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Sweets are of many varieties. Among those, spongy rasagulla is one of the popular Indian sweet that is so tasty and healthy. People all over India love this juicy milk dessert. Rasagulla is tiny juicy balls that are delicious and are often made during festive times. This rasagulla recipe will give you a delicious experience that is easy to be made. Therasgulla price is not so high that you can get avail of this delicious sweet by ordering online.

Ever Delicious Sweet

Spongy rasagulla is made by curdling the milk. Then chenna which is known as paneer or cottage cheese is then separated by curdling and drained in the muslin cloth. This drained chenna is then rolled as rasagulla balls. This tasty sweet snack is so healthy for low sugar patients. This gives a delicious taste when you eat. Even the beginners who try cooking for the first time can do this recipe and enjoy its delicious taste.

Chenna base for Rasagulla Preparation

When you cook, don’t forget to rinse the utensil that you are using. Take a utensil and boil the milk keeping it in the medium flame.

You need to keep stirring the milk to prevent creamy layer forming on the top. It is preferable to use homogenized milk for rasagulla. When the milk gets hot, pour lemon juice or vinegar of 2 spoons.

After pouring keep the pot aside and wait for few minutes. Then if you keep stirring the milk, it forms curdles. After that pouring ice water makes the paneer soft. Separate the chenna from the water by a cloth.

Kneading Chenna

After you separate the chenna from the water, take a small amount of chenna in your palm and smooth it gently to make tiny rounds. Smooth it gently so that it does not get crumbled. When you use the homogenized milk, this chenna gets very smooth. If you use non-homogenized milk, the texture will not be smooth to roll over. Knead it gently with your fingers until it turns into a uniform round. This may take up to 5 minutes for the process. Make smooth and crackle free balls and cover these aside after kneading.

Making Rasagulla

Once the balls are ready, add sugar in a wide pot. You need to consider choosing the right pot for cooking. The pan must be wide so that all the rasagulla can move around and absorb the water well. Pour water into it and add crushed cardamom into it and keep stirring it gently. Stir to dissolve the sugar and add some rose water into it. Remember to keep your pan in medium flame throughout the process. Stir the mixture well to create sugar syrup. After the syrup is ready, add on those chenna balls to the syrup and let the balls to absorb the syrup maximum. Serve this delicious rasagulla after turning it to room temperature.

Wrapping Up

The best thing about rasagulla is that there are 270 varieties of it. Aren’t you surprised? Try this dazzling recipe to make delicious rasagulla or check out rasgulla price to order online. 

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