Look for These Things While Buying Meat


Usually most people prefer to buy meat from a grocery store. Few people also visit a local butcher shop to get much better selection. However, if you like best experience of buying meat, then better you should stop going to all those places mentioned above. In order to get the best cuts as well as the fastest service, better you buy from online instead.

You can also get Papa Earth meat delivery who will take great amount of care while they source farms, which are raising livestock within their philosophy i.e. free roaming animals and no introduction of hormones or any sub-therapeutic antibiotics into the livestock. Also, always feed them with only proper natural diet.

Following are benefits of buying meat from online sources:

  • You will get only the best selection of meat.
  • You can save your time.
  • Can access to meat which is restaurant quality.

Following are few things that you must look for while buying meat:

  1. Meat color

Red meat must be dark colored between red, purple and brown. Pork meat must be light pink color and game meat must be dark brown.

  1. Smell

Actually smelling is the best way of determining the freshness of meat. If its smell is pungent or smells almost like any rotting flesh, then better stay away.

  1. Look only for clean cuts

Look for a meat which has smooth cuts and are very uniformly sized. You should stay away from any jagged edged meat.

  1. Meat surface

The fiber grain of the meat will let you know that meat is tender or tough. Coarse meat grains, having many muscle fibers, mean tough meat having lots of flavor.

  1. Meat fat

Meat having white streaks and flecks of fat distributed all throughout the muscle are juicier and tender. 

  1. Meat texture

If it is beef meat then it must be dry, firm and dense. The muscle fibers must be tightly packed. If meat appears like it may fall apart, then it is because of poor quality or poor handling.

  1. Sale date

All before dates stuff will be of much better quality rather than any food safety.

  1. Packaging

Make sure that there is no sign of dirt or damage on the packaging. Although packaging does not influence about meat quality directly, but it indicates that how the meat actually was handled.

  1. Storage

Temperature control facility within the storage is extremely important for ensuring your freshness of your meat.

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