Top 3 Savoury Indian Foods in UAE

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In these emerging years you are about to witness more than hundreds of food vloggers exploring nations in the search of food. Well, there is no doubt that exploration can enhance the level of your taste buds. Some might not agree with this ideology but food is the one source that can reduce the gap between nations. A large number of tourism is living evidence that food is an entity along with the other aspects that have been playing an essential role in the connection of nations. In Dubai, you can find ample types of food, but the taste of Indian food has cannot be retained from anywhere. This is due to the number of spices used in Indian food making it ultra savoury and mouth-watering in looks along with the taste. Additionally, if you can bare the amount of high level spiciness then you can surely enjoy the mad love of Indian food. Among various popular Indian dishes, the very two known and recognized dishes are; Rajma Chawal and Roghan Josh.

Also, it is typically seen that most of the traditional food legacy found within Indian food has been derived from the legacy of Rajasthan. If you are somebody who loves trying new food along with cultural practices, then this blog can assist you a lot.

1- Biryani

The lovers of Biryani can be found all around the globe. The balanced amount of herbs and spices used in the preparation of Biryani makes it one of the kind. Interestingly, the amount of spices used in the preparation of Biryani through Indian spices has no competition in the market. Well, the balanced texture of yellow and white rice used in the preparation of Biryani along with the chicken and potatoes cannot help you resist. Also, a green-flavoured raita can ignite the taste of your ordered Biryani through Noon Food cashback.

2- Karhai

This dish is known is for its playful affair with the tanginess of tomatoes and chicken cooked with chilies and other spices. Well, Karhai is a typical brown or red-looking curry made up of tomatoes, yoghurt, Indian herbs and spices. This is usually served with wheat-made bread also known as “Roti or Naan”. Every bite of this Karhai can make you fall in love with the cooking craftiness of the chef because of the undying aroma balancing the herbs. Karhai is made up of chicken and beef; this is highly preferable upon the consumer’s choice of which way he wants it. Some people also enjoy eating Karhai with rice, again it is entirely optional.

3- Tandoori Chicken

If you are somebody who is into barbeque, then you would definitely love this spice-coated chicken. Tandoori chicken is one of the most preferable South Asian dishes that are served with sliced lemons and onion rings. The best thing that makes it tastier is the smoky aroma of the dish. It can be consumed with both paratha and naan. Additionally, it is seen that Tandoori chicken made with Indian savoury spices is largely preferred by people that are on “Diet”.

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