Are Red Potatoes Gluten-Free?


Potato is a popular root vegetable that has become a personal staple in most homes. The best part about potatoes is that you can make them in many different ways. You can eat potatoes at a typical dinner and on special occasions. However, there are different types of potatoes available today. Some of them are Yukon gold, russet, and red potatoes. Red potato is famous for making a baked potato because they hold up well under the heat. They can also be boiled, roasted, and made into mashed potatoes. However, a popular question people ask is, ‘are red potatoes gluten-free?’ This article succinctly answers that question; let’s dive right in.

Gluten is a protein that’s popular in the rye, barley, wheat, and many other grains. Potatoes are not grains; they are root vegetables and, therefore, do not contain gluten. Simply put, the answer to that is yes. Red potatoes are gluten-free. You can enjoy your baked potato made with red potatoes comfortably for those who are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease. You can easily incorporate red potatoes into your diet. Most people commit the error of thinking that gluten and carbohydrate are the same things. However, they’re pretty different from each other. While carbohydrate contains sugar, gluten is protein. Now that you know the answer to that question, below are some of the benefits red potatoes offer you.

It Lowers Stress Level

Vitamin B6 is one of the nutrients you can find in red potatoes. This vitamin is excellent for cellular renewal, a nervous system responsible for a balanced mood. This vitamin, alongside other benefits red potatoes, offer you will help minimize your stress level. It will also lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. If you want to get all the vitamin B6 you can get from your potatoes, your best choice is a roasted or baked potato.

It Increases Your Energy Levels

When you make red potatoes into a baked potato, it will provide you more energy than a cup of pasta. Red potato is rich in complex carbohydrates, amongst other vitamins. That’s why it gives your body vital fuel. When you consume red potato unadulterated and unprocessed, it will serve as a delicious source of starchy energy. The most popular type of carbohydrates today are processed carbohydrates. They usually lack vital nutrients, and that’s why the red potato stands tall amongst them.


Most people believe that potatoes make you fat; however, this is due to the preparation and toppings. Red potatoes offer a buttery flavor and also a moist texture. It is tasty and fat-free when you bake, roast, or boil red potatoes, especially when you top it with fresh veggies.

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