Choosing the best beef cuts to make moist and flavourful burgers


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  • Choosing the right beef cut is essential for making a moist, juicy, and flavourful burger.
  • Chuck, brisket, short rib, and sirloin are some great beef cut options to consider while cooking burgers.

Burgers; well, burgers are emotions here in Australia. The enthusiasm with which people love to eat their burgers is hard to beat for any other restaurant meal we can possibly think of. But what makes Aussie burgers so delicious and flavourful? This one question is for every restaurant chef and owner to consider before preparing their next restaurant burgers. The use of high-quality ingredients is one thing every chef talks about when preparing burgers. However, how you use ingredients on your burger matters a lot.

When it comes to making those delicious restaurant burgers, the type of beef cut you use plays a significant role. A juicy and flavourful burger needs a juicy & flavourful patty that holds together while cooking. As a burger lover, you can tell patty helps form the juicy base for any burger, which is further elevated using cheese slices and other toppings. To keep the patty moist and juicy, here are some of the best beef cuts you can use:


Chuck is a popular beef cut for making burgers. It contains a good amount of fat, which adds flavour and moisture to the patty. Chuck is taken from the shoulder area of the cow and is typically ground into an 80/20 meat-to-fat ratio. This is a perfect meat-to-fat ratio for preparing burgers as it keeps the meat moist and juicy while cooking.


Brisket is another excellent option for making flavourful burgers. It comes from the chest area of the cow and has a higher fat concentration than chuck steak. When you grind beef into brisket, it produces a beef patty that is tender and full of flavour. It has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect for burger aficionados who enjoy the rich and meatier profile of their burgers.

Short Rib

Short ribs are a popular cut for slow-cooked dishes, and they also make an excellent choice for a burger patty. Short rib meat is tender and well-marbled, which means it has a good amount of fat that keeps the patty moist while cooking. Short rib beef is chewier and more flavourful.


Sirloin is a leaner beef cut, which makes a great option for burgers. It comes from the rear of the cow and has a slightly nutty flavour. When ground into a patty, sirloin produces a leaner burger that is juicy and flavourful. You can add brisket, chuck, or short rib to sirloin for a higher fat content to make the patty juicer and more flavourful.

Tips to keep the burger meat juicy and flavourful

A good fat-to-meat ratio is important to keep the burger meat juicy and flavourful. A good burger always needs a bit of fat, but too much fat content can cause the patty to fall apart while cooking. The ideal fat-to-meat ratio to use in burgers is 20/80. It is always best to check levels on the packing while buying the meat for your burgers.

In addition to choosing the right fat-to-meat ratio, there are other things you can do to create those juicy, mouth-watering burgers for your customers. The first thing you need to consider is to handle the meat as little as possible. Overworking the meat can make the patty dry. No one likes to try burgers with that dry and tough patty inside. Secondly, you can season the meat generously with salt and pepper before cooking the patty. This helps to enhance the flavour of the beef.

In Australia, most of the popular burger restaurants are known for using high-quality ingredients and proper beef cuts to make their patties. Also, they use grass-fed beef that is ground fresh to ensure maximum flavour and juiciness in their burgers.

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