What Is The Perfect Temperature For Latte Drinks?


One of the most well-loved coffee drinks in the world is a latte. Are lattes hot or cold? Well, if you are looking at the history, lattes are usually served hot, but as the years go by, iced lattes have become popular. In fact, iced lattes are usually served in almost all coffee shops. Regardless of the temperature, lattes consist of espresso and milk. For hot lattes, the milk is steamed to achieve microfoam or a fluffy texture. However, in iced lattes, chilled milk is mixed with hot espresso and poured over ice.

Knowing the temperature of your latte drink

Now that you know that lattes can be served hot and cold, the next thing to know is at what temperature should your latte be. If you order a hot latte, the ideal temperature ranges between 150 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be hot, but make sure not too hot to burn your tongue. The target is to serve a warm latte, just enough to be pleasant so that the taste comes out. Most lattes served in the coffee shop today have latte art and those will require a particular temperature to achieve the art and texture.

Hence, the temperature can be adjusted depending on the type of latte art. Here’s one tip, if the latte is too hot, it will make your drink less tasty. For an iced latte, the preparation is way easier because the milk from the fridge can be directly poured over espresso. Here’s the catchy part though, the espresso and milk must be mixed first before being poured over ice.  So there it goes – you can always order a traditional hot latte drink and an iced latte. It only varies in preparation and temperature, which will certainly affect the taste. At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference.

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